Equality is one of the four basic principles of democracy –the other three being liberty, fraternity and tolerance. Students are taught the importance and value of the principle of equality, especially the economic and social equality. They should learn how to treat every human being equally irrespective of gender, colour, creed, race, caste, religion, etc. The constitution of India also declares Equality as one of the fundamental rights.

Preservation of Environment :

Preservation of environment is an essential requirement of the present era. Our college has a very pleasant environment. We are committed the preserve it. We orient the students towards the importance of environment in various ways.

  • Incorporating it in educational curriculum.
  • Tree-plantation programmes.
  • Debates and poster presentation.
  • Organizing educational tours and field visits.
  • Organizing expert lectures.


Liberty is also one of the basic principles of democracy. Students are oriented towards this principle in various ways. Students have liberty to express their views and ideas through oral presentation, group discussion, poster presentations, etc. They have academic liberty in true sense of the term. They are also oriented toward the significant of political liberty. The college provides an environment in such way that the students can flourish their potential in positive direction.


Non-violence is one of the basic values of Indian culture and way of life since the days of Mahavir and Buddha. We encourage this value in various ways, concepts of nonviolence is incorporated in curriculum especially of literature and social sciences. We also organize seminars, workshops, rallies etc on this subject. Several communities of the college also focus on this value.

Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity is the quality of diverse or different cultures, as oppose to monoculture “unity in diversity” is the core value of Indian culture. Our college represents various cultural groups from rural to urban, from various regions of Gujarat, from various religious groups. These cultural diversities are encouraged and enhanced through various programmes.

Rule Of Law

In democracy, law is the rules. To ensure liberty equality to everyone the rule of law is necessary. In the system of rule of law, the dominance of any particular person or family or creed or party or group is avoided. Instead, law is the supreme ruler/authority. Every procedure in the college is followed by the rules set by the government and/or university. Everyone is treated equally and fairly in this regard.

Respect For Women

Respect for women is need of the ours. It includes the practice of the principles of both liberty and equality. Respect for women is necessary to ensure crime free and peaceful society. The students are oriented towards this value in various ways. Various communities and cells are established such as C.W.D.C., women grievances redressal committee etc to take care of this issue.